A number of students have completed their degrees in the last two years, so we are looking for new students. If you are interested in the lab, see the page on Prospectives.


  • Becca Tarvin is finished her PhD in 2017 and is now a postdoc working on the evolution of resistance of poison frogs to their own skin toxins. More about Becca.

    Becca Tarvin

  • Chris Torres is a third-year student who (curiously) is interested in various aspects of bird evolution, including fossils. His favorite birds are flamingos.

    Christ Torres

  • Analisa Shields-Estrada is a first-year student, interested in ecophysiology of Epipedobates poison frogs.

    Christ Torres

  • Emily Powell received her BS from UT in 2014. Although she has had a full-time job, she is writing up a manuscript on her research with the poison frog genus Epipedobates. She is starting graduate school at the University of Miami in fall 2016.

  • David Cannatella is the lab PI.

Recent Members

  • Mariana Vasconcellos completed her PhD in 2016. She is worked on the evolution and diversification of Hypsiboas treefrogs in the Brazilian Cerrado using historical biogeography, phylogeography, species distribution models, and taxonomy. She is current a postdoc with Ana Carnaval.

    Mariana Vasconcellos

  • Mauricio Ortega recently completed his PhD in spring 2016 on the systematics of Pristimantis in the upper Amazon Basin. He studied primarily at UNAM with Dr. Octavio Rojas, and was co-advised by Cannatella. He is now a faculty member at IKIAM university in Tena, Ecuador.

  • Taylor Gullett finished his MS degree in 2016, on the relationship between body size and reproductive mode in frogs.

  • Patrick Stinson completed his MS degree in 2015 on the effects of traffic noise and distance on the degradation of cricket frog calls.

  • Connor French is an undergrad who has worked on various projects. He is entering graduate school at the University of Southern Illinois in Carbondale.

  • Monica Guerra completed her PhD in 2015 and is now a faculty member at IKIAM university in Tena, Ecuador.

  • Patricia Salerno is now a postdoc in the lab of Chris Funk at Colorado State University.

Former Lab Members

Grad Students

  • Rafe Brown
  • Cat Darst
  • Travis LaDuc
  • Carlos Guarnizo
  • Jim McGuire
  • Emily Moriarty Lemmon
  • Greg Pauly
  • Steve Poe
  • Santiago Ron
  • Juan Carlos Santos
  • Beckie Symula
  • John Wiens
  • Tod Reeder
  • Jen Yeh
  • Andy Gluesenkamp

Lab Honcho

  • Brian Caudle

Visiting Researchers

  • Cody Edwards
  • Katharina Wollenberg
  • Karem Lopez
  • David Blackburn
  • Breda Zimkus


  • Chris Funk
  • Ben Evans
  • David Bickford
  • Matt Morgan
  • Meredith Mahoney
  • Sandi Willows-Munro
  • Ted Townsend
  • Shannon Hedtke
  • Tom Devitt


  • Colin Peden
  • Tak Makino
  • Mendy Black
  • Daniel Scantlebury
  • Cameron Siler
  • Madhavi Soppadandi
  • Kristin Hook
  • Elaine Klein
  • Jean Kwon
  • Ma Luo
  • Emily Powell

Last modified 04 Oct 2017